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Charity album "Miracle"

produced by various Christian artists and gospel singers in Japan is out now 

This CD is not for sale. 
"Miracle CD" is  primarily for disaster hit areas, and is also a gift of appreciation for those who have donated to charity concerts and live shows. 

We hope this CD can be utilized in many  ways and at various places wherever support is needed in Kumamoto and Oita.  Together we continue to encourage and pray for the victims, and hope to support the affected areas through it.  
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"Miracle" featuring 15 songs (not for sale)

1. 奇跡 / LOVE九州オールスターズ   

2. アメイジンググレイス( My chains are gone ) / 松岡葉子 

3. 君の手 / 横山大輔    

4. イエスは今生きている / RAM's Voice   

5. 永遠に / 竹下 静 

6. 神様 / サルーキ=  

7. New Wings / New Wings  


9. その翼 / 向日かおり   

10. シンボウ人 / ナイトdeライト  

11. 雨ニモマケズ / 大宮香織    

12. あなたとともに / 塩谷達也&塩谷美和    

13. 天国の心 / Payment Band JAPAN  feat.MARISA

14. いつくしみ深き(賛美歌312番)  / 神山みさ   

15. Water of Life(命の水) / Aki Banks

〜Charity album credit〜

Music Director : Il Kwon Park (Payment Band Japan)

Arragement : Choi You Jung (Payment Band Japan)

E.Guitar : 森”モーリー”剛(fromサルーキ=)

A.Guitar: 横山大輔

Bass:Il Kwon Park (Payment Band Japan)

Piano & String : Choi You Jung (Payment Band Japan) 

Drums : Ki ho Nam (Payment Band Japan)


Recording Studio : Payment Band Studio

Recording, Mix, Mastered Engineer : Il Kwon Park

〜Theme Song "Miracle" contributing artists〜

千代延大介 (fromサルーキ=)、Jeon Daehyeon、横山大輔、待良、MARISA、小田知歩美、神山みさ、わたひききょうこ (from Pencil Bunch)、竹下 静、イムミジョン、みうらまいこ、矢嵜風花、Michiru、Megumi”Dragon”Fujinami、mie、橋本ハンナ。

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